DIRECTOR OF OUTPATIENT SERVICES: Director will be responsible for department management and clinical supervision of outpatient services at Pines. Position requires extensive knowledge of the community mental health system, Medicaid services, and diverse populations including adults and children with mental health conditions, substance use, and/or developmental disabilities. This position requires exceptional skill in clinical practice, crisis resolution, employee development, and time management. The ideal candidate will be a quick learner and willing to learn new and changing information, and excel in customer engagement skills and motivational interviewing. Minimum of two years professional experience recommended, including two years supervisory experience.  Minimum qualifications: Master’s Degree in Psychology, Counseling or Social Work and full licensure by the State of Michigan in their relative field (LLP, LMSW, LPC). MCBAP Certification preferred (CAADC) with a supervisory certification (CCS), or minimally a Development Plan in each within 30 days of hire. Starting wage range: $74,899 – $96,425 based on experience. Excellent fringe benefit package, including employer matching retirement. Submit resume and application by email or to Pines Behavioral Health Services, 200 Vista Drive, Coldwater, MI 49036. EOE

OUTPATIENT CLINICIAN: Full time position available with Pines Behavioral Health Services providing services to adults and children with mental health conditions and/or substance use disorders. A Michigan licensure with a degree in Social Work, Psychology, or Counseling is required. A certification in substance use counseling required (CAADC) or minimally the application of a MCBAP development plan within 30 days of hire. Entry Salary range $47,403 to $73,049 based on licensure and experience. On-call rotation required (usually through telehealth unless face to face is required), but paid additionally. Excellent fringe benefits including a retirement match and several paid days off. Submit resume through Indeed, or to Pines Behavioral Health Services through fax 517-279-8172 or mail to 200 Vista Drive, Coldwater, MI 49036. EOE

ACCESS CLINICIAN: Full time position with the responsibility to determine the eligibility for services, screen for services and needed referrals, and provide an assessment of needs. The ideal candidate will be capable of working with persons having either a mental health condition (youth or adult), substance use, or individual/developmental disabilities. Extensive knowledge is needed of community mental health services, and available community resources. A master’s degree with a current Michigan licensure in social work, psychology, or counseling preferred and MCBAP certification (CAADC or CADC) is required or at least a development plan; or a licensed bachelors clinician (LBSW) with MCBAP certification will be considered.  A minimum of one year experience, knowledge of EBPs and various screening tools, and an understanding and ability to use motivational interviewing and assess a person’s current stage of change.  Range of pay is 44,803 – $73,049 based on degree, licensure, and experience.  Involvement with the outpatient on-call rotation is required and is additionally compensated. Excellent fringe benefit package.  Submit resume and application by email or to Pines Behavioral Health Services, 200 Vista Drive, Coldwater, MI 49036. EOE

STUDENT INTERNSHIPS: If you are interested in completing an internship with Pines, students must submit a cover letter and resume to Pines Behavioral Health, attention Sue Enos, in addition to the internship application link. Internship Application

*Note, an internship can only be approved with a copy of professional liability insurance either by the school or by the student.  Pines Behavioral Health must be listed as an additional insured on the policy.   We have learned that such policies for interns have been found for under $50 a year.

Cover letter must including the following:

  • Name of Accredited University attending and when a placement decision is needed
  • Degree: Associates, Bachelors, Masters Major
  • Indicate Your Area of Interest: Mental Health; Substance Use; or General Office
  • Your Interested Age Group: Adults, Children, No Preference
  • Total Hours (special requirements including specific supervision needs)
  • Preferred days/times
  • Estimated Start and End Date