Substance Use Services

  • Prevention services are available to persons who are at-risk of using based on biological or environmental factors. Prevention services, located throughout the community as well as within the agency, focus on building skills and protective factors to decrease risk, as well as education.

  • Early intervention services are available to persons who are in the experimental or early stages of substance use. Should use continue, the person may develop the disease of addiction and/or face significant life consequences. Early intervention points out these risk factors and helps the person minimize these risks.

    Court Evaluations and Highway Safety Program: Evaluations are provided in response to traffic offenses involving substances with recommendations provided to the court. Should services be recommended, Pines uses PRIME for Life as the evidence based educational program often referred to as “Highway Safety”.

  • Intensive treatment is provided at least 3 days per week for at least 3 hours. The Matrix Model is the evidence based treatment of choice and highlights early recovery, family education and support, and relapse prevention.

  • A variety of groups are provided to meet the individual’s unique needs. Based on an assessment and level of care guidelines, groups will be offered that match the person’s need and level of readiness to change. Groups include: MRT, Seeking Safety, Interactive Journaling, and trauma-based groups to name a few. Individual sessions compliment the group process.

  • Case management services are provided to assist with the obtainment of resources to make recovery life-long. This could include referrals to housing and employment resources, assistance in obtaining insurance and other benefits, or other necessary support services.

  • Specialty services for women who are caring for minor children. Such services include women specific groups to address the unique needs of women, transportation, referrals to healthcare services, and assistance in meeting any reunification goals.

  • Coaching is provided by a person who he or she himself is currently in recovery. Although everyone’s recovery journey is unique, this coach can provide the support and encouragement necessary along the way, and advocate on your behalf.

Pines offers many behavioral health services and supports for adults. Our goal is for life to be enjoyed, not endured and that persons achieve the highest level of independent functioning. Services provided are based on each individual’s unique needs and preferences.

The Primary Services Are:

  • Prevention
  • Early Intervention
  • Court Evaluations/Highway Safety Program
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment
  • Group and Individual
  • Case Management
  • Women’s Specialty Services
  • Recovery Coaching

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